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Thursday, December 02, 2004
You Want the Good News First or the Bad News?

Since I assume most of you would want to leave on a good note, I'll do the good news last. So here we go.

The Bad News
I'm shutting down EotB sort of. Actually I'm shutting down the blogspot site. It's been a good three year run, but it's time to move on. The site will still be here, but this will be the last new post on here for the foreseeable future.

The Good News
EotB will live on - over at Most Valuable Network. The name will remain the same, the template is a million times better and I get a banner. Not only that, you all should be happy because they require I post at least once a week (well at least those of you who actually enjoy reading this). Anyway, I hope you guys will all follow me over to the new site.

** Note: Those of you reading this who have sites with links here, I would greatly appreciate it if you guys owuld change the links to go to Thanks!