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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Jayson Williams Works Out For Cavs

-- In related news, kevlar sales in the Cleveland metro area have skyrocketed.

-- Also, about this quote from the linked article:
"The 6 foot 10 forward retired from the New Jersey Nets in 2000 after career ending leg and knee injuries."
Are they really career ending injuries if he;s trying out for a job doing the same thing?

-- Is Jayson Williams really someone you want around LeBron James? Do you really want Drew Gooden hanging out after practice with Jayson Williams? I mean . . . c'mon, he shot a guy and then tried to cover it up, threatening witnesses in the process.

-- I wonder if this conversation happened in the Cavs front office this summer:
Silas: We need some veteran leadership.
Paxson: Okay, lets go get some. I'll go after Eric Snow.
Silas: That would be great, we could use the ballhandling on the second team.
Paxson: And Jayson Williams is available . . .
Silas: (spits out coffee).

Jeff Foster to Miss 4-6 Weeks

Hmmmm . . . Maybe that free agent pick up after the NextNBA fantasy draft was as genius as I thought it was.

In reality, this actually is a significant injury for the Pacers. Foster actually put up a PER of 16.33 last year and is a ridiculous offensive rebounder, grabbing 5.06 per 40 minutes. That OREB number was second only to Erick Dampier, who in all likelihood will not have a performance like that again until his next contract year. If Scott Pollard can remember how to play basketball like he did in Sacramento, the Pacers won't be too bad off. They can play Austin Croshere along-side Jermaine O'Neal. While that probably won't hurt them (and may even help them) on offense, it's on defense where it becomes an issue. Foster is a very good defender and Croshere is nowehere near the rebounder Foster is (Foster grabbed 18% of missed shots when he was on the floor last year, Croshere grabbed 13%). Pollard can help offset the loss in those areas, but again it depends on him being able to play likehe did in Sacramento.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004
Go Buy This Book Now

The new Pro Basketball Forecast (formerly the Prospectus)is fantastic as always. Matt from BullsBlog agrees and so will you once you go buy it.

Sorry for the Bear in Winter Imitation

I was kinda hibernating there, but with the preseason under way I'm back and rejuvenated. And of course with the new season comes an all new edition of the EotB fantasy basketball league. We do have a slight change from last year - no more roto, we're going with the head to head style this year. Again it will be through Yahoo and we'll be doing a live draft. The draft will be 10/30 at 9:45 am PST. Now I know that time sucks, but there weren't a whole lot of options and it's the best I could do. The league ID is 90075 and teh password is "eotb." Hope to see you all there.